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Allow me to introduce myself....

Get To know Me


I am a New Jersey native living and experiencing the DMV. In my journey to wealth, Ive earned a BA and MBA along with a 5+ year career in corporate business analytics. I have leveraged that experience into my passion to help small businesses build a foundation through effective business strategy coupled with effective execution.

Mission & Values

EnV&V production's mission is to provide you the tools you need to not only EnVision your Value but develop a strategic blueprint to develop or re-develop a platform in your marketplace. You have a responsibility to your business to give 100% to your craft. I am here to give you the opportunity to drive your business with actionable results partnered with strategic planning and brand development.


My clientele is specific and intentional. I support small business owners with their market analysis, strategic planning, and event planning needs. My vision is to develop such a relationship with my clients, that we have constant candid conversation about how they can make intentional moves in their market

My goals for you


Secure your wins today by leveraging specific business development trainings catered to your passion as a business owner. We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible, walking away with a stronger sense of business acumen.


Whether you are a start-up, revisiting your client structure or curious about how you can expand your brand to remain competitive, we support your desires to focus on your passion while setting you up with a unique plan to action


Developing a new strategy as a creative requires well planned collaboration . You took the first step by acknowledging you need help. Great business owners leverage resources effectively and efficiently. We can help with that!

A Partnership

Consultant to client relationships are more than the contract we sign and services rendered. We establish an alliance as business owners allowing our union to transcend transparent conversation about the opportunities and goals your business  can achieve.

Excited? Ready to get to work?

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